Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday cleaning

I have nothing interesting to write, so i'm just gonna talk about sunday cleaning. The cleaning of our collective surfaces (kitchen, living room, BATHROOMS) has been a recurring topic and the cause of much passive-agressive behavior recently. We've tried several different strategies, everything from lists to chore wheels, but they haven't really worked, because SOME people don't to their work - usually me, but i'm not the only one. A recurring phrase from our corridor meeting is the standard "It's no use pointing fingers, they know who they are, but SOME people aren't doing their bit" (this followed by a meaningful stare at SOME people)
 Anyway, to cope with the increasing amount of dirty dishes and spotted toilet seats, we divided up into cleaning pairs, each pair getting one week. I was teamed up with tall nordic man, he lives at the very end of the hall and barely ever says anything (I've insisted on greeting him every time I see him in the kitchen, thus essentially "training" him in social contact. In fact, today we reached a new milestone - he said "hi" before me)  Anyway, so today we very swiftly negotiated the terms of our cleaning partnership - he does the bathrooms, I do the living room and the kitchen. This may or may not later have led to a slightly panicky phone call to my cousin about which mop to use, but I still think I got the better end of the deal.


  1. hehehe. i love that charlotte is sweeping the floors as I read this ;-)

  2. OCD me would help you out... but ur just so far awayyyy~