Monday, November 15, 2010

Saturday Scrabble

        Last Saturday, Maya was off at a gala and Marissa was in Connecticut, shooting a film. That left Sally and I alone. Now, New York City has a lot to offer on a Saturday night. We could have, for example, attended the “Zero Film Festival” in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where 20 local short films were shown along with some independent art installation. Or we could’ve gone to “The Return of Rococo Party: A Baroque Bash”, in alphabet city, an underground party inspired by 1770s Paris, featuring live art, fire-dancing, wire-walking and live techno baroque rock music (whatever that means). Or maybe we could’ve gone to “Dr. Sketchy’s Anti-Art Resurrects Warhol’s Factory”: a gathering of Brooklyn-based artists where they are invited to draw burlesque queens and underground performers costumed as Warhol’s favorite subjects. (*Note: these are all actual events that were taking place last Saturday)
OR we could’ve stayed in and played Scrabble. Which we did.
Now, neither Sally nor I were feeling in a particularly competitive mood, which resulted in a very ‘original’ final board. Let’s just say that if you are a die-hard-Scrabble-rule-follower, you may not want to look at what’s below.

Let me define some of these for you:
Knived - /naɪvd/: If you stab someone, that person can very well scream “I have been knived”. This then resulted in Sally trying to convince me that the word for “to cooperate secretly; conspire” was spelt ‘knive’... After a few minutes of debate, proved to be on my side, as it is, in fact, spelt “connive”.
Joinudity - /dʒoɪnudɪti/ : Sally had ‘nudity’ and there was nowhere else to put it and I wasn’t going to be evil enough to say no. “Joinudity” is either that feeling of elation that takes place right after disrobing or is the slogan for Naturism Promoters.
Trailen - /treɪlɪn/ : When you’re tracking an animal, following their trail, once you’ve gone through that trail, it has been trailen.
Ono - /ono/: As in Yoko.
Avibrate - /eɪvaɪbrɪt/: An object which doesn’t have the ability to vibrate is "avibrate". 
Mind you, these were just the highlights. I am very aware that words such as ‘St’ and ‘Mc’ and ‘Faust’ and ‘IQ’ are suspect, at best.

In case you're wondering, here are the scores, written on the back of a receipt:



  1. I amn't unnegatively persuaded (and i don't mean purse-sueded) that suchly sported a gamish event wain't been gamed unbefore!

  2. I think you just had an attak of i"dioglossia", and that's a word....