Saturday, November 27, 2010

Mommy Squirrels Don't Have Pouches

Last Friday I went to Buffalo Exchange - one of my favorite used clothing stores. In the fitting rooms, I found that a little creature was staring at me while I was trying on a jumpsuit that I couldn’t possibly pull off. This guy:

Cute right? So, look at that picture. No, really look at it. Why is this squirrel surrounded by fur, you ask? Possibly it’s because it’s a Baby Squirrel in Mommy Squirrel’s pouch... (after writing that, I now realize that I know nothing about squirrel child-rearing. Help me out Wikipedia). Ok, they don’t have pouches. Yes, I knew that. 
But I digress.
Now, those who know me will tell you that I’m not the most generous person. That being said, I really appreciate those who are. Charities are good is what I’m saying. And that may seem like an unnecessary thing to say, but I think it needs to be said before I get to my point. The reason why the squirrel is surrounded by fur is...

I’ll let that sink in a for minute..........

“Give your furs back to the animals!”. So, as I understand it, Coats for Cubs takes furs and uses them to make beds for baby animals. I guess they’re trying to make good use out of the killing of animals for fashion but... this seems ever so slightly extreme and, to be honest, a little cannibalistic. I don’t know... if I was an "orphaned and injured wildlife", I wouldn’t want to run the risk of using my murdered mother’s skin as a pillow.
I’d love to hear thoughts. Perhaps in comment form?


  1. greenpeace greenpeace greenpeace!

  2. it is cannibalistic. what if the stole he's lying on is his dad? also...and this will sound horrible, why fur? he's got winter protection...i don't. mmm...warm....

  3. hmmm i think i need more time for this to sink in... lucky fish dont have fur. Can you make clothes out of fish scales? If not, I'm officially 'shotgun' on that patent that idea ©