Monday, November 29, 2010

Let's have bizarre celebrations

Today we had a fairly important presentation at uni, which involved me in a group with two others giving a powerpoint presentation. (Yes, I am going to modestly brag now.) Recently we've had a lot of snowfall (very, if not extremely unusual for this region at this time of year), so everyone is in christmas/winter wonderland mode. To celebrate this, I included some fancy-ass powerpoint animations that involved a little christmas hat bouncing in on the screen and landing on the first letter of the title in the last slide. The teacher (a Danish man who I've somehow come to respect) laughed, and afterwards when he was giving the whole class general feedback he singled me out and complimented me on my powerpoint skills. Sad part? That was probably the proudest moment in my entire non-existant academic career. And it will probably remain that way for quite some time. 

Anyway, keeping with the mood I included a "bizarre celebrations christmas navel". Although, the irony is kind of lost in this one, because if he was really desperate to open it he could use his teeth. (Unless he has none?)

I took the photo with iPhoto so it's kind of crappy quality... Anyway I'm not really happy with it, I refuse to accept it as a legitimate christmas Navel. 

I haven't been drawing any Navels because I felt that I had "outgrown" him and wanted to pursue more complicated things than a bean-shaped fetus. I was trying to squeeze out a drawing the other day and failed miserably, which is when I drew a crying Navel. That's when I decided that maybe I need a little more Navels in my life. 


  1. Please we want more Navels, a whole book full of this little guy stories!!!

  2. more navels makes life worth living