Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tales from the East Village Continued

I've spoken before of my roommate Marissa and her obsession with all things 1950s. Well, sometimes Marissa gets confused and truly believes she lives in her beloved decade.
Now, I'm not saying that she ducks and covers because she thinks the bomb is gonna hit, or that she protests for civil rights in the streets of New York. No, Marissa lives in a 1950s musical.

One of her favorites is Stanley Donen's "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers", which features the song "June Bride":

Today, I was in my room but the door to the kitchen was open and this song came on the iHome. Knowing that Marissa was in the kitchen, baking, I quickly grabbed my camera, knowing what was inevitably to come.
And surely enough....

Yes, that is indeed a sprig of broccoli she's using as her bridal bouquet.

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  1. J' adore, surtout la gestuelle très naturelle dans la vidéo quand elle dit"Like Christmas ..."
    A regarder en boucle...