Sunday, January 16, 2011

A lovely day at JFK

I'm in an airport. I'm supposed to be on my flight, on the way to Denmark, where the train that's supposed to take me to Lund and my house and my boyfriend and the dinner I had mentally planned (salmon!) was.

Little did I know that the plane to Denmark suffered from mechanical errors. I also knew very little about the supposed plan to tell me about this in Atlanta so that I could be rebooked onto a flight to Newark instead of JFK and continue directly from there. What I DO know is that people can be idiots, and that now I have been delayed a full day. I also know that if all goes well I will be on my way to France in a few hours.

I have become very aware of strong negative emotions about airlines. Especially Delta airlines. And Continental. And maybe even KLM. Actually most airlines except for Lufthansa, because they just kind of chill out. I now also know why they have such rigorous security checks. The next time I fly I believe I will pack pressurized substances, dangerous chemicals and weapons specifically to test said controlls, and if they don't stop me I may or may not use the pressurized substances to attack them.  In their faces.

Also Charlotte, I can't believe you like borscht. I mean come on.

It also just struck me that whether you are in France or New York, I am/will be much closer to you physically than usual.

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